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First Post!


I remember all of the times that we got together and laughed until we cried talking about crazy & stupid things we did. I love you and miss you so very much.

The Mall

Today I was thinking about you. Just remembering when we were younger and we use to go to Ingram Park Mall and walk around window shopping and hanging with our friends. We use to go to Chik-fil-a every time. You use to push DeShaun around in one of those rental strollers and look for girls. Those were the days. I love you and miss you so much. I will see you in my dreams tonight. mwah!

The Rodeo


Remember when you used my Rodeo to go to H.E.B. and forgot to put the emergency brake on and the truck rolled down the hill into the tree at the Teacher's Federal Credit Union? OMG when you brought it back to me all banged up, I was totally ticked...that was my dream vehicle. I will never forget that day. Now we laugh about it...just seeing you run down the hill chasing after the truck just makes me laugh so hard I cry. I love you and miss you. See you tonight....Me

The Window


I miss you much...I was laying in bed and was thinking about the time that I was in my bedroom at the old house on Wildflower. The room that use to be grandma & grandpa's. You and our cousin Josh were outside the window and when I looked up from my desk, you two were staring at me with big eyes and almost made me pee my pants. You guys scared the shit out of me. You use to tell that story every chance you got. Now it's my turn...I love you Frankie and I miss you more than ever.

Thinking of you!


Just wanting you to know that I am thinking of you and missing you so much. Uncle Mike is in town. I am hoping to get to see him before he leaves. I will visit you today. I love you bubba. See you in my dreams...

Happy Easter Bubba


Just thinking of you today. Remembering all the times we took pictures picking up easter eggs and you wearing those white overalls with that white golf were so look like a little handsome man....I love you Bubba and miss you with all my heart! OXOXOX